Helly Hansen Swift Fleece - Holiday Gift Guide Review

A fleece is a fleece, right?  Um, no.  Sure you can run to Target and pick up a sweatshirt like fleece that will keep you kind of warm, as long as it isn't asked to do too much.  The cheap ones provide about zero wind protection and soak up any precipitation like a sponge.

This fleece on the other hand is built to battle the elements. Helly Hansen been one of the top names in rain wear for years.  Fans of "The Deadliest Catch" will recognize the HH logo since just about every guy on deck is sporting Helly gear.  Braving bone chilling cold and rolling seas is no place for "B" quality gear.
My life will most likely never hinge on the performance of my fleece, but if it does I want this one in my pack. It has a sporty fit so whether you are running the trail in it, or layering under a hard shell jacket, you don't have to deal with excess bulk.  The fleece material is a smooth short pile, but it is dense and holds up to a stiff breeze better than most.  The edges are trimmed in a contrasting color for a little style factor.  Two "hand warmer" pockets on the sides actually keep your hands warm and the chest pocket always comes in handy.

I know there are a million fleece jackets on the market.  You will be hard pressed to find one as well built or as up to a challenge as this one though. Helly Hansen build bomber gear. You will never see me on the deck of a crab boat, I may be a little goofy but those guys are NUTS.  But if you are looking for a "field test", can you get a more hostile environment?  Helly is doing it right and I'm not the only one that thinks so...

MSRP: $130.00

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