Gibbon Slacklines - Holiday Gift Guide Review

Here is one of Santa's deliveries that the entire family can enjoy.  Ok, so the kids will have a great time playing on it and an even better time laughing at the rest of us attempting to stay upright.

While roaming the halls of the Outdoor Retailer trade show, I stumbled across a group of folks walking, bouncing and generally having a good time on what looked like a cross between a balance beam and a high wire.  The tricks and shear athletic ability of these people were impressive.  After a little proding from the group, I gave it a try.  Yup, just as I thought, not as easy as it looks.  Since that time I have had one strung up between two trees in the back yard and countless hours of fun have been had by many.

Beyond just having a good time, and maybe making yourself look a little silly in front of a bunch of people, this is a great workout.  Improve balance, and exercise muscles you may not usually use.  Trust me, I was sore after my first few attempts.  Amazingly, you get better pretty quickly.  So, it goes from frustrating to fun after just a handful of tries.

The Slackline kits come with everything you need except two anchor points.  The slack line itself is much like a ratchet strap you would use to secure cargo, but has a bit more stretch and has been printed with traction improving rubberized print.  If you have never tried it before, go with the Fun Line, Gibbon's rookie level offering.  MSRP: $79.99

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