Frost River's Vintage Pack - Gear Review

If you are looking for a great weekend pack that is made by a GREAT company, than you must take a look at the Vintage Pack from Frost River in Duluth, MN.  This is a pack that you can take on a day hike, carry your schoolbooks in (like I did this summer), or take on a short weekend trip.  The Vintage Pack is made with waxed canvas and has a wonderful self-adjusting yoke connecting the straps.  The shoulder straps are padded leather, which make for a comfortable load and are way better than plain leather.

This pack is great for adults, but it would also make for a great canoe pack for the younger/smaller crowd.  This is also a great option for my 6th grade daughters, not too big and not too small.  It’s easy enough for them to handle without being too large to carry.  Overall, this is a must pack for any outdoors person.  It’s versatile, built to last, and built by an unbelievable company in Duluth, Minnesota.   Make sure you check their website for other great products.  I was hoping Santa would bring me the Correspondent or Single Briefcase, but unfortunately I got coal!  J

MSRP: $150

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