Baffin Amazon Trail Shoe - Holiday Gift Guide Review

I recently had the pleasure of trying out a pair of Baffin Amazons for the Kansas City Ruckus Run back in November. The weather did not look good that morning, having rained that week with temps in the 40's. This being my first obstacle course race, I expected a lot of cold, muddy, challenges.

The race was a lot of fun, and more than half the obstacles involved water-filled trenches. This was no problem, for the soles of these trail shoes have a metallic grid that both functions to let water easily flow out, but prevents rocks and pebbles from getting in. The Baffins did not get water-logged and squishy like the running shoes on the course. The padding in the fabric of the shoe and the rubber-wrapped toes protected my feet as I slammed them against climbing walls, rocky slopes, and the unseen rocks in the murky trenches.

My one issue with these kicks during the race was that I almost lost one of them a couple times wading through waist-deep mud.  I pulled over and tightened the laces, which helped, but I think a velcro strap would really do the trick.
The Baffin Amazons can take a beating
That said, I would be hard-pressed to find another shoe that could provide enough cushion for running with the ability to shed water like these.  I look forward to sporting these up in the BWCA next summer, and perhaps for another obstacle course or two in the meantime.

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