LakeLady Custom Rods - Holiday Gift Guide Review

Kicking off this years Holiday Gift Guide is a Custom Fishing Rod Builder you simply have to see to believe.

Just when I thought I had seen the pinnacle of the world of custom fishing rods, I am blown away once again.  Innovation, creativity and natural talent are what set the elite apart in this business.  Based in the land of 10,000 lakes, we here in Minnesota love to fish, and with only 5 months of open water we take full advantage.  While roaming the halls of the Northwest Sport Show last spring I ran across Kris Kristufek and his LakeLady Rods booth.  Inside the booth stood roughly 40 of the most intricately designed and expertly finished rods I had ever seen.

They say "the Devil is in the Details".  If that is the case, these rods are direct descendants of the dark lord himself. Kris is a true artist with a passion for his craft, but he does not build rods to sit in a display case.  These are fishing's finest weapons, both in aesthetics and performance.

There were two design elements that I had never seen before in Kris' rods; 1) Hand turned multi-color cork handles are amazing looking.  They are turned to fit your hand perfectly and feel as good as they look.  2) A hybrid spiral eyelet design that married a casting reel with a spinning rod.  I have always been a spinning reel guy, but this set-up may have converted me.  You get all the precision of a casting reel with the response and sensitivity of a spinning rod.  With the eyelets rotating from the top of the rod to hanging below, you get a more natural action at the rod tip.

No two LakeLady rods will ever be identical.  The fact that every bit is done by hand ensures that fact.  100% custom, you get a rod built just for you.  How you fish, what you fish for and even your personal measurements, all come into play when designing your rod.

Want to give a LakeLady Rod as a gift?  The Perfect Gift comes in a Gift Envelope with a Hand-Written Note from Kris inviting the recipient to a custom fitting for their new rod...  Prices vary greatly and can be tailored to meet almost any budget.

Check out their website at or give Kris a call at (218) 562-4512...

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