Sport Science Performance Tie-Dyes - Gear Review

Maybe it's my inner hippie, I'm not sure, but I love me some Tie-Dye.  Since I was little my "favorite" shirt has always been a swirly, colorful, often band related cotton T-shirt.  It wasn't until I grew up, (OK got a little older - still working on the growing up part) that I realized that cotton was not an ideal technical fabric.  If you walk around your local gear shop, all the high-end technical shirts come in less than exciting colors like slate, chocolate and olive.  Well, Sport Science gets it and we reap the rewards.
If, like me, you want something a bit funkier the Smarter Dyes are the ticket.  It may be missing the obligatory tour dates or the dancing bears, but the colors and patterns are classic.  Not too bright and showy, but loaded with character.

Fresh out of the box these feel like your old best friend.  Not break-in period required, they are flat-out perfect the minute you put one on.  It would take a year's worth of washing to get a cotton T to feel this good. Rapid wicking, machine washable and designed with an active lifestyle in mind, these shirts love to play hard and get dirty.  Best part is they clean up like new every time.  I have been testing one since June and after at least 30 washes there has been no color fading, no staining, no shrinking and no, um, lasting odor.

Have an event or team and need shirts/jerseys?  These will surely get you noticed and the folks over at Sport Science love to get you set up.  I need about 20 "Team Paddle Junkie" shirts, just like the one above.  Problem is I'd probably have to share. :(

MSRP: $38.00

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