Revo's Guide Sunglasses - Gear Review

Revo has held a position at the top of the sunglass maker ladder for nearly 30 years.  Another gift from the Space Race, the NASA conceived coatings Revo used in it's original lenses put them light-years ahead of the competition.  Since 1999 they have been under the Luxottica umbrella; parent company to Oakley, Ray-Ban, Arnette and K&L (which used to be Killer Loop) plus numerous others. Revo recently introduced "Water", its newest polarized lens series, and we got to give them a test drive.
Trying these on indoors you immediately notice the fit.  They are incredibly comfortable.  No pressure points.  The rubber nose and stem pads provide great grip while still being soft.  I hate taking my shades off to have a big pink dent on each side of my nose, not going to happen with these.  The lenses are large to provide full coverage, so no light or wind leaks in.

The real magic happens when you step outside. I put them on, took them back off, back on, back off, over and over.  I couldn't believe how these glasses changed the world around me. I felt like a little kid peering through the window of a View-Master, except that it was my world, only better.  Colors are more vivid, everything is sharper, it was like I was able to see details otherwise hidden behind the glare.

Bluebird skies and vast open water are a vision nightmare. Glare surrounds you. Escape is impossible.  The Revos answer brilliantly.   They reduce blue light and allow red and green to pass through, making them ideal on-water glasses. Hours of wear and I felt no eye strain.  

Revo is also committed to producing greener products and minimizing environmental impact in its manufacturing process.  The Guide frames we tested are made from 100% recycled pre-consumer plastics and utilize Eco-Use™, a nylon made from the seed of a castor bean plant.

Prices for Revo shades have come down over the last few years.  It wasn't that long ago you'd have to shell out well over $300 to call a pair your own.  These, on the other hand, ring the register at only $179.

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