Gramicci's ROCKiT Dry Pants - Gear Review

Spring, Summer or Fall, when heading out for a paddling trip I am pretty much a shorts guy.  But you will always find a single pair of long pants in my pack on every trip.  Fluctuating temps, blowing winds and bugs are just a few reasons to dig them from the nether regions of your bag.  When the elements demand, I reach for Gramicci's ROCKiT Dry Pants.
Spend any time at all in the back country and you realize that your favorite jeans are not your friend in the wilderness.  They are heavy, once wet they never dry, and breathability is not something they even understand.  The ROCKiT Dry pants are exactly the opposite.  Very light, extremely breathable and, as their name implies, they dry out almost before they get wet.

These were built for active adventures.  The range-of-motion in these is enormous.  Throw in the elastic waistband with an integrated belt so they will stay on without cutting off the circulation to your legs.  The material is soft and garment dyed so they look and feel broken in with the tags still on them.  They are rated at  UPF 30, so you wont get sun-burnt.

I have washed these at least 30 times and they look as good as new.  I wiped out on a long portage, slid down a gravel trail and when I got up, not a single tear.  Most nylon pants would have been shredded.  They were more than capable of keeping the mosquitoes from getting to me.

Nine times out of ten you will find me rocking shorts in the woods, trying to get some color on my sun starved legs.  When I finally break-down, it'll be me and my Gramicci ROCKiT's....

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