Cocoon's Tropic Traveler Sleeping Bag - Gear Review

Minnesota may be know for its painfully cold and seemingly endless winters, but we also have a few short months of beautiful summer.  In stark contrast to our frigid sub-zero temps in January, our July and August months prove to be hot and humid.  This summer, temps in the 90's and humidity in the 80+% range were common.  Sleeping outside, under the stars, was gorgeous.  The one issue was that most of the sleeping bags in my arsenal were designed to keep you warm, not an issue here.

Enter the Tropic Traveler from Cocoon by Design Salt.  This bag is built for one purpose, to keep you cozy when the outside world is hot and sticky.  Brilliant!!!    

I have used this bag more this summer than all my other bags put together.  Uber-light and it packs down to nothing.  The exterior is made from a rip-stop nylon, common in sleeping bag construction, it's durable and water resistant.  Where this bag sets itself apart is the inside.  The silk and cotton blend feels like nothing else on the market.  The wicking capabilities are stellar and you feel like you are crashing at a Four Seasons "Rustic" location.  Opulence in a sleeping bag, I think so.

Rated for a temp range of something like 50 to 80 degrees, this bag can cover a broad spectrum of time in my part of the country.  Basically from May to October, this is my first choice in sleeping accommodations.  I was surprised to find that it kept me warm even when late night temps dropped into the 40's.

Once you have been introduced to sleeping in a silk bag, you will find it hard to go back to a flannel or fleece lining.  Not a problem.  Take your current bag and pair it with one of Cocoon's Silk Bag Liners and experience that luxury while keeping your bag looking new.

MSRP: $150

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