Mud, Sweat and Beer... A prelude to the Warrior Dash

One part 5K, one part obstacle course and several parts beer and music = the Warrior Dash.  This mud crawling, wall climbing, fire jumping may-lay is on the calendar for July 23rd and 24th here in Minnesota.  At just over a week from our scheduled start time, I am confident that I am in trouble.  Training, hasn't really happened. I keep telling myself "it's only a 5K", but that is just so not true.

It's true that the race is 5 kilometers (roughly) long, but that is only the beginning. The 3.02 mile course winds its way through Afton Alps, a local ski hill, so it isn't going to be flat.  Now let's talk about, um, obstacles?..  Here is where things get interesting.  Some of the most inspired include, running and jumping over a scrap yard of old cars, repelling down a steep ravine, crawling across a cargo net, and scurrying under barbed wire through a pool of sloppy mud.  I have a feeling it is going to be a bit harder than I gave it credit for.

To salvage both my physical and mental well being; food, beer and music will be served up at the finish line!  Unfortunately, registration is closed at this point, so if you are not registered - maybe next year...

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