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June 22, 2011

S4 and Typhoon Optics Sunglasses - Gear Review

Anyone that spends time on the water understands the need for a pair of quality sunglasses.  Polarized lenses reduce the amount of glare we see as the sun's rays reflect off shiny objects, like water.  The range of quality in polarized glasses is incredible.  You can pick up a pair of "polarized" glasses at the gas station for about $10 or you can splurge on a pair of incredible frames and lenses and have to sell a kidney to do so.  The folks from Sunbelt USA, Inc have created a group of brands that try to bring you the best of both worlds.

With four separate brands under their umbrella, each catering to a particular market, they are sure to have a style that you'll dig.  S4 Optics, by far their "hippest" brand, targets the action sports market and a younger demographic.  Typhoon and Gone Fishing Optics both cater to the Anglers out there.  The Flagship line, Sunbelt Optics, is an everyday sunglass brand.  All the glasses under brands are well made and hold up to rigorous use.  The polarized lenses perform better than average and have proven to be exceptionally scratch resistant.  Unlike the gas station glasses, these feel solid on your face and will not give you a headache after prolonged wear and looking through cheap tinted lenses.  They will also not crush your cash supply; ranging from under $20 to nothing over $60...

These are the kind of glasses you don't mind bringing into the woods or out on the lake.  They perform well and should they break or fall in the lake, you won't spend days depressed over the financial burden of buying a new pair.  Another family of brands that falls well within The Paddle Junkie's motto; quality gear that won't break the bank....

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