Baladeo 34 Gram Folding Knife- Gear Review

For some people, every gram counts.  Climbing a 300 foot rock cliff, you don't want to be dragging any more weight than absolutely necessary.  Whether you fall into that category, or you just like to have gear that is unlike anything else on the market, check out the 34G folding knife from Baladeo.

As the name says, this elegant folder weighs in at a minuscule 34 grams.  Made completely from 420 stainless, which has been shaved to only what is absolutely necessary, this knife feels like a feather and cuts like a razor blade.  The liner lock is very solid, even more-so that I expected.  Smooth operation and solid cutting make this a good back-country folding knife.  It is not the most comfortable knife to use, simply because there is next to nothing to hold on to, but that is to be expected I guess.  When closed the blade is completely exposed, but after much use I have yet to stab myself while extracting it from my pocket, or have an unplanned deployment while stored.

If you are looking for a workhorse pocket knife, this is not your best bet.  However, if you need a no-frills cutting tool or an Every-Day-Carry knife with tons of style, look no further.  Your friends will want to pick it up and play with it every time you take it out of your pocket, trust me!

MSRP: under $40

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