Vasque Juxt - Gear Review

I have been waiting since January to get outside and give these trail shoes a try, but Mother Nature had other ideas. Vasque footwear, a member of the Red Wing Shoe family, is based right here in our back yard in Red Wing MN.  It brings about a sense of Minnesota Pride to know that a local company can deliver gear that will hang with any company residing in the Rocky Mountains or Pacific Northwest.

The Juxt 7000's blur the line between trail runner and low top hiker.  Rugged with traction to spare, but light and comfortable, these are perfect for that technical day hike or day at the dog-park.  I took these out of the box, laced them up and spent 10 hours on my feet the first day (not usually a good idea).  I was flat out amazed at the performance.  There were a number of times I forgot I was wearing a hiker style shoe and not my squishy runners.  My high arches and wide forefoot were right at home in the Juxts.  

It is a fine line between adequate ventilation and water protection, I must admit, these were more worried about keeping your feet cool.  I had a small amount of water invade through the very base of the tongue, so avoid the deeper puddles and you will be fine.  A minor blemish on otherwise awesome shoes.  If you are looking for a pair of shoes to be your universal outdoor, go-to kicks, you could hardly go wrong with these.  

MSRP: $130.00

To learn more about Vasque's Arc Tempo Last and the design philosophy that goes in to their performance footwear, here is a cool video...

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