Keen Pyrenees - Gear Review

As I look out the window I see something that had been away for far too long, green grass. It is already May and the threat of snow is still not completely behind us, but signs of spring are everywhere. Give me just a couple of nice days in a row and I plan to disappear into the woods. The first trip on my list is a weekend along the Superior Hiking Trail, some of the most scenic hiking this part of the country has to offer.

In anticipation of this, I have been running a new pair of Keen Pyrenees hiking boots through the paces. They look the part of the classic hiker, but with a few modern upgrades (minus a pair of long red laces). The full leather outer with rugged riveted lace hoops and hooks and the trademark Keen toe-guard ensure that durability is not in question. I have relatively wide feet at the toes, and the toe-box on these provides the perfect amount of room, without getting sloppy. Even Keen will admit that these run a half to full size small, and no matter how good the boots are they are not going to be comfortable if they don’t fit, so I am wearing a half size larger than I normally would.

Completely waterproof! I mean dry as a bone. I sank these into the Mighty Mississippi to within a half inch of my socks and not a drop snuck in. They’ve seen spring snow-melt and afternoons on the sloppy trail and I have yet to be let down. If anything, Keen was forced to sacrifice breathability to provide this epic water protection. With this year’s never-ending winter, I’m not complaining. It may be a different story in July however.

Break-in time was basically zero. The pad around the ankle was a bit stiff at first, but only for a wearing or two. This is an obvious waterproofing tactic as well, creating a tight seal once “molded” to your leg contours. The insoles are comfortable yet solid, ready for miles of trail and a decent amount of pack weight. Traction is dependable, but not so meaty that they can’t be worn around town. Keen even has a nifty “see with jeans” feature on their website so you get a better idea of how they’ll look in an everyday setting.

Whether I am hiking the trail or chasing pheasant in the brush, I know these boots will keep my feet dry and blister free. Plus, I just dig the timeless style... classic cool…  Available to the whole family; men's, women's and even kids

MSRP: $140.00
($70.00 for the kids)

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Stay Dry this season - Waterproof Gear

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