Tactical Elegance - The CRKT Ripple 2 - Gear Review

There is a huge range of styles of pocket knives.  Are you a fan of the classic traditional styles?  Or, do you love the technology and materials of modern tactical knives?  For me the short answer is, Yes.  Several designers have taken elements from several design styles and married them in one knife, some not so successfully.  CRKT and designer Ken Onion have built a fantastic series of "Gentleman's Tactical" pocket knives; the Ripple and Ripple 2.

Ken Onion realizes that most of us do not need to carry a 4" blade in our pocket for everyday use.  Most people want something functional and strong, but our needs and those of a soldier abroad are by no means the same.  The two renditions of the Ripple are a smooth lined, minimalist version of a tactical knife with style.  Coming in with blade lengths of 3.125" and 2.7" respectively, the Ripple and Ripple 2 are a very comfortable size.  

Lightning fast one-handed opening with a flick of the "blade flipper" and the assistance of the IKBS ball bearing system machined into the handle.  Incredibly smooth and rigid, literally zero blade wiggle in between the handle scales. CRKT makes knives in nearly every style, now they have blended two of my favorites into one great every day carry knife.

Ripple: $125
Ripple 2: $115

Available at...
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Ripple: $89.95
Ripple 2: $79.95

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