Ahnu Belgroves - Gear Review

Whether you are putting miles on the local trail system or chasing the kids around the shopping cart, the Belgroves from Ahnu Footwear will keep you comfortable and nimble all day long.  These casual lace-ups have no problem making the transition from Friday office wear to Saturday at the trail-head. 

It is one thing for your shoes to look good, but performance is what makes a shoe wearable.  If your feet are sore and tired after a few hours, you need an upgrade.  Ahnu has built a shoe that is both and more.  From design to materials, they left nothing on the table.  Waterproof leather and suede uppers keep your feet dry, while the "high surface contact" soles let you feel the ground beneath your feet.  Somewhat reminiscent of a climbing shoe and the new barefoot styles, you feel truly in-touch with the surface in every step, while still having ample protection and support. 

What I have noticed more than anything else in these shoes is that I can wear them forever; 8 to 10 hours a day is no sweat. Plus, they just look cool.  Stitching details and contrasting leathers make the aesthetics of these shoes stand out.  Ahnu has successfully married urban street style with off-road technologies to create a shoe that can go anywhere and simply out perform the competition. 

MSRP: $100.00

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