Holiday Gift Idea #5 - Dry Case

Bringing electronics into the back-country is always a risky venture.  Water and dirt don't play nice with your phone, camera or MP3 player.  Well, worry no more.  Drycase not only lets you bring them with you, but you can still use them while they are protected.  Vacuum sealing your electronics inside makes all the difference.   

Using the DryCASE for an iPhone?  The vacuum sealing allows full use of your touch screen because the crystal clear plastic seals flush to the face.  The DryCASE also features a 3 way headphone jack, this lets you to use both stereo headphones and your microphone. So, you can listen to music or even take calls. 

If you have a gadget-o-holic on your list, this is the ultimate stocking stuffer.  They can get their electronic fix regardless of the weather.

MSRP: $39.99

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