Holiday Gift Idea #20 - Humminbird RF35 Fish Finder

Hands down, my favorite part of any canoe camping trip is the fish fry dinner cooked over an open fire.  A group of friends, a campfire and fish are the basic ingredients to a great time.  The problem is; that plan doesn't really come together if you can find the fish. 

Humminbird understands the plight of the canoe portaging back woods fisherman, dragging a fish finder meant for your 28 foot fishing boat on a 250 rod hike is no fun.  Enter the RF35 wrist mounted wundermachine.  Strap on the 1.25" screen and tie the wireless transponder to your fishing line and you can cast the sensor right to where you want to fish.  Find structure, shelves and weedlines and explore the lake in a way never before possible.  You may need to add a little weight to the sensor to keep if from bouncing around in rougher weather, but toss this out up to 75 feet away and get back readings up to 120 feet deep. 

I am not the kind of guy to spend my time on the water looking at a little screen trying to find the perfect spot, but when sunset is approaching and we are looking at dehydrated chili for dinner, I am willing to bust out a secret weapon.   Those are the times I am happy to have this little 12 ounce arrow in my quiver of tricks.

MSPR: $79.99

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