Holiday Gift Idea #19 - Sierra Designs Vapor Light 2 Tent

Camping in canoe country brings it's share of unique challenges.  Just getting your gear to your destination can be the biggest challenge.  The term Ultra Light keeps getting more and more true, with tents and sleeping bags weighting fractions of the lightest bags from just a few years ago.  Sierra Designs is a pro at trimming ounces from your shelter or sleep system.
The Vapor Light 2 is probably the most aptly named tent ever.  This thing is a miniscule 3 lbs 4 ozs.  With walls made from No-See-Um screen on all 4 sides and a waterproof tub floor, this is the cadillac of 2 man tents.  Without the fly, this tent provides an unfettered view of the night's sky.  If needed, you can quickly put the fly on and aviod every drop of rain Mother Nature can throw at you. 

Easy to set up, thought I wouldn't wait until I was in the woods to try for the first time.  Sierra Designs has once again proven that they understand what the back country camper wants and needs.  Shelter from the elements we want to avoid, but still leaving you with the feeling that you are as connected to nature as possible. 

MSRP: $299

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