Holiday Gift Idea #17 - Brunton Restore Solar Power Device

The 21st century outdoors lover has a wealth of technology to choose from. GPS location devices, cameras and camcorders, fish finders, mapping technologies and MP3 players are commonplace on our gear lists. The problem this creates is that now you are packing in spare batteries to keep that technology up and running. The Brunton Restore is a universal solution to this dilemma.
At roughly the size of a VHS cassette and weighing in at just over 7 ounces the Restore will keep you in juice no matter how far off the grid you wander. Water resistant and encased in a durable rubber shell, this in not a fragile piece of equipment. Fully charged before heading into he woods the Restore refilled my iPhone twice before I needed to open the solar panels to let the sun do it's magic. 6-8 hours of partly cloudy skies and we were fully charged once again. I had 2 devices running throughout the day and I never had to worry about conserving batteries.

As electronic tools continue to improve and enhance our outdoor adventures, products like the Restore will become commonplace. For toy junkies like me, that time is now.

MSRP: $124

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