Holiday Gift Idea #15 - Primus EtaSolo Camp Stove

Whether you need to make coffee in the morning or dinner at sunset, waiting for water to boil over a campfire can be a painfully slow experience.  Camp stoves have been a solution to this problem for years, but they were often too bulky and heavy to justify.  The latest generation of ultra portable stoves have changed all that.  The award winning Primus line of camp stoves are the pinnacle of the market.

The all new EtaSolo personal stove system is perfect for solo or tandem trips into the woods.  This little stove packs a big punch and all 13.8 ounces packs neatly into the .9L thermal wrapped pot.  The Primus website says it boils a half liter of water in just over 2 minutes, possibly even more impressive is that I stuffed it full of snow and had the water boiling before we hit the 3 minute mark.  It comes with everything you need except fuel, and is practically idiot proof.  Simplicity and camp stoves are not two words often used together, but Primus couldn't have done it any better. 

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MSRP: $120

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