Holiday Gift Idea #12 - Native Eyewear Sunglasses

Varied activities, changing weather conditions and extended trips make choosing just one pair of sunglasses as you walk out the door difficult to say the least.  Inevitably, I end up grabbing at least one back-up pair and throwing them in my bag.  That is, until I tried the Grind shades from Native Eyewear.

Traditionally I have never been a fan of glasses with interchangeable lenses.  They are usually low quality and you are paying top dollar for the novelty.  Native has turned that status quo upside down.  Their entire line has the capability to change out lenses whenever you want, no tools required.  With 9 different options to choose from you will find the color and light blocking ability that suits you and your needs.  Standard polarized, Reflex Polarized to reduce even more glare and low-light lens options enable you to set your self up with the ideal glasses for that moment.   The Rhyno-Tuff® Air Frames are strong and light and stay seated through even the most vigorous of activities. 

MSRP: Grind Frames $129/$149 (Reflex)

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