Cushe Surf-Slipper Loafer Thermo Review

Footwear falls into the category of "epic junkie" for me.  I know the stereotype is that the ladies love shoes, but you can add this guy to that list too.  So, when I found the Cushe brand I was both excited and skeptical.  I am leery of new shoe makers, especially in the rugged outdoor category.  Quality has to be the top priority and occasionally the unseasoned brands have "technical issues" early on.  Their shoe styling looked right up my alley, and they claimed to be supremely comfortable.  We are off to a good start.

I opted to give the Surf-Slipper Loafer Thermo's a try, with the words Thermo and Slipper in the name how can I go wrong?  I chose wisely...  These ARE the most comfortable winter shoes I own.  Soft suede uppers with a thermo-fleece lining feel just like fuzzy slippers.  The outers are made from a moulded rubber and what Cushe calls "Manuka Honeycomb" grip.  A twine-like mesh has been embedded in the outsole creating a cool design element I have never seen.

These are great all around shoes.  I wouldn't choose these for an afternoon hike on the trail, but for everyday use you won't find a comfier option.  After a month of regular use they are showing little signs of wear, the suede is still perfect and all of the glue joints are holding fine.  The quality and durability are beyond my expectations.  So, if you have some gift cards or holiday exchanges to use and you're not sure what to get, try on a pair of these Cushe shoes and they will make the decision for you.

MSRP: $85.00

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