Xikar Element Lighter - A Double-Jet "Flame Thrower"

I was nearing the end of a marathon shopping session with my wife and our friends in Chicago when my buddy and I decided to duck into a cigar shop. A nice selection of cigars was available, but what really caught our eyes was the collection of butane jet lighters and cigar cutters from Xikar.

Once you pick up one of these you know it is more than your average lighter. A gentle press of the button flips the cover open and two adjustable bright blue jet flames instantly appear. This will definitely light your cigar or campfire with ease. The jet flame reaches about 2 inched tall and sets fire to anything in its path. Windproof and works in incredibly well in wet conditions. Get wet kindling going in seconds. A fuel gauge and a cigar punch are ingeniously built in features.

For the more serious cigar fans Xikar has a line of cutters and containers that are equally impressive. The teardrop shaped cutters are razor sharp and come in a wide variety of handle materials and colors. These strong compact cutters clipped a 50 ring gauge cigar in two like there was nothing there. If you have a taste for the exotic, you have to check out the Fossil Mammoth Ivory Cutters. The small travel humidor is durable and light, holds at least 5 cigars and is completely waterproof to make sure they stay safe and dry on the trek in.

I will have my Xikar lighter in my pocket on my next trip into the woods. I know I will have fire no matter what Mother Nature throws at me. I will also have perfectly maintained stogies clipped with surgical precision. Possibly a bit unnecessary I admit, but well worth the added ounces in my pack.

Element Lighter – MSRP $49.99

Xi Cutters – MSRP $39.99 to $399.99

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Anonymous said…
RW, I think you captured the spirit of XIKAR's products and life time warranty. Keep up the good work and honest reviews!
BM @ X
Anonymous said…
I think XIKAR products are over priced and over rated. You can get the same items much much less. For example, Cigar Caddy is much better than the Xtreme box, and Lotus and Colibri both make better cutters. Xikar is so old school and stupid expensive.
Skipc said…
Well Doug some times when you want the best you have to pay for it. You seem like the type of person that buys the cheaper product then would complain when it doesn't work properly. True Lotus and Colibri both make cutters but "better"? That's what makes American the best we're allowed a difference of opinion.
Doug said…
What about my post made you think that I like to complain about cheaper products? That is a foolish statement. Price is not indicitive of quality. And Xikar, while nice products, are over priced. You can pay less for the same or better quality elsewhere.
Anonymous said…
Thread Resurrect for sure. I've had 15 colibri lights and 3 cutters. Every single colibri product I've ever owned is in my junk drawer. 3 years later, my first xikar lighter is going strong. Colibri costs more than xikar in most cases. I tried to send a couple products back for repair and the quote was more than the purchase price on all 3. I stand by Xikar. Just bought two more lighers for some friends.
Anonymous said…
I agree with doug. Xikar blows. Save your money.