SOG Tactical Tomahawk - A Modern Classic

Some tools are timeless. The axe is definitely one of them. That said; there is always room for improvement. SOG Specialty Knives and Tools has created a next generation Tomahawk, based on the weapon made famous in Vietnam. This tool was designed for tactical purposes like breaching operations and extractions, yeah, probably not in my near future. What this tool does incredibly well is replace my old tired camp axe. At 16 inches long and 24 ounces, you’re not going to take down a Sequoia, but you tear through a 4” log in seconds. The 2.75” blade length is very respectable, and is so sharp I cut myself taking it out of the sheath for the first time. The 420 steel holds a good edge but is still workable in the event you need to sharpen it in the field. The spear point makes splitting small logs plausible and the sides of the head are checkered to make pounding more reliable.

The Fiberglass/Nylon handle is strong and light, but the ribbing on the handle sacrifices a lot of comfort to ensure a good grip. The handle is readily removable with two bolts, making customization simple. There are a number of custom handles already available online.

For the money this is the most effective and versatile axe I have tried. And if you find yourself needing a tool to breach the front door of an insurgent’s hideout and extract the hostages, this will come in mighty handy too.

MSRP: $62.00

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