Heated Jackets Recalled

Apparently, it was too good to be true.  While shopping for Christmas presents this year, I found what I thought to be the best gift I had ever gotten my wife.  Knowing that she wears her fleece jacket well into July, and how she HATES being cold, this was a lock.

Mountain Hardwear and Ardica Technologies teamed up to make a freeze-baby's dream.  Think heating pad meets midlayer jacket.  To be worn either as a medium weight jacket or zipped into your winter outerwear, the Mountain Hardwear Radiance jacket has built in heating elements powered by an integrated battery pack.  The heat is focused on your core to maximize efficiency.  The Arcicia power system was a work of genius.  In addition to running the heating elements, the USB cord in the pocket of the jacket allows you to charge the jacket without removing the battery pack.  Add the technology converter and you can charge your iPod while dragging the sled back up the hill.

Unfortunately, Ardicia has recalled all of their enabled items as well as all of the Moshi battery packs.  Tests have shown that the elements could overheat and/or cause "hot-spots" which could potentially cause injury.  At this time NO injuries have been reported.  It is my guess that Ardicia will have these bugs ironed out quickly and we will see these back on the shelves in no time.

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