Flashflight - LED Lighted Frisbees

For many campers the ideal camp toy is the frisbee. Until recently, you were limited to playing only during daylight hours. Well, not anymore. The Flashflight series of light-up frisbees lets the fun continue well past sunset. Light and small make this a perfect addition to your pack. Plus, it serves as a great light inside your tent so you can eliminate another piece of equipment from your pack list.

MSRP: Models from $9.00 to $20.00

Flashflight Frisbee Features:
• Illuminated via LED lights, which makes the entire disc glow.
• Powered by replaceable, and readily available, CR2016 batteries (included).
• Simple button on/off switch and a low-profile battery compartment.
• Constructed using a plastic (thermo-plastic rubber, actually).
• Water-resistant & Floats!
• Available in four colors: red, green, blue, and Disc-o (the cool LED that changes colors every few seconds).

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